Q & A

Kitty KatI’ve never painted before.  How hard is it?  What if I’m not artistic?  All classes are designed for the beginner to be able to easily follow.  We show you how to paint each piece. We will instruct you on the type brush you should use, the color of paint to put on the brush, and how to apply it to the canvas.  You’ll love it!  Besides, there is no “right” or “wrong” way for your painting to look.  This is a no-stress environment so just relax and give it a try.

Can I bring my own drink to class?   Yes, you are more than welcome to bring any beverage you’d like.  We will provide cups and bottle openers.  You must be at least 21 years old to consume alcohol at the studio.  Painting with Friends is not liable for any person leaving the establishment under the influence.  We do not serve alcohol.  See NOTICE below.

You mentioned I could bring a snack.  Is that required?  Absolutely not!  This is a very social setting and each class is a mini-party.  If you’d like to bring a snack to share, you can.  If not, that’s fine too.

What should I wear?  No need to dress up.  Just wear something comfortable.  We will provide you with an apron, but BEWARE, acrylic paint does not easily come out of clothing once it has dried.

Can I take my painting home?  Absolutely!   It’s yours to keep.  Also, acrylic paint dries very quickly so in most cases, it should be dry enough to transport.  We will provide hair dryers if they need a little extra help drying.

What size is the canvas?  Adult classes have 16 x 20 stretched 3/4″ wrap canvases and kids classes are size 9 x 12 unless otherwise requested.

Do I have to paint what everyone else is painting?  Each class has a “featured” artwork that we would like everyone to enjoy painting.  We will offer classes where everyone is free to paint their own subject, but on “feature” night, we all try to stay on the same piece.

Can I bring my children?  Typically, since this is a social setting, teens should be at least age 15 and up to attend.  Any child under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a registered adult.   Some classes are marked “Family Night” or “Adult Night”.   For younger children, we will have a “Kids Class” or you can book a PRIVATE PARTY with age appropriate subject matters and pacing appropriate for the age group.

Can I reserve seats for a group?  Yes, when you register, change the quantity to the number that will attend in your group and make your payment for the group online.  Or each person in your group may register separately and pay separately.  Send me an email and I will make every effort to make sure your group is seated together.  If you would like to book a PRIVATE PARTY, please refer to that page for more info.

Can I book a private party?  Yes, please refer to the Private Party page or contact me if you have further questions.  paintingwithfriendsLLC@gmail.com

How do I reserve my seat in class?  Go to the Class Schedule page and find the class you’d like to attend.  Click the Cart button to put that class in your shopping cart.  Then proceed to the Checkout page and pay online.  You can also pay at the door.  If you choose that option but decide to cancel, please text me at 299-3386 and I will release your seat to the next customer.

Do you accept ‘walk-ins”?  Although it’s not encouraged because the class may have already sold out, if seating is available, we will accept cash registrations.  But let me also mention, there is a lot of prep work that happens ahead of the class such as preparing your canvas and paint, so if you want to walk-in, please try to come at least 20 minutes early so we can set a place for you.

What payment forms do you accept?  You can pay online with your credit or debit card.  You do NOT have to have a PayPal account to check out.  But you do have to click on the PayPal button.  It will then give you the option to pay through PayPal or to just use your card.

Can I pay with cash at the door?   Yes.  If you are uncomfortable using online payment methods, contact me by email at paintingwithfriendsLLC@gmail.com and let me know which class you would like to attend and I will put you on the list.  However, since seating is limited, if you find you will not be able to attend, please let me know 24 hours prior to the class so we can release your seat to someone else.

How do I cancel a reservation?  You may send an email with the request and we will either refund your registration fee or give you credit for a future class.

Do you offer gift certificates?  Yes, a gift certificate to Painting with Friends is a great idea and a thoughtful gift for any occasion.  You may purchase them online using the link above or at the studio for a $35 class or for any other amount you choose.  If you can’t come to the studio, contact me at paintingwithfriendsLLC@gmail.com with your request and I will send it to you.

Is parking available?  Yes, street parking is available and there is also a public parking lot just a short walk away on Washington Ave.

What are your business hours?  Check the class schedule page for class dates and hours.

How can I sign up as an instructor?  We are always looking for new and talented instructors.  Contact Judy Nail at the email above with a sample of the artwork you would like to demonstrate in class.  I’d love to talk to you!

NOTICE:  You are allowed to bring alcoholic beverages to the studio but you are NOT allowed to have excessive use in this business.  Clients will be asked to discontinue use when the staff thinks it’s appropriate to do so.  Customers under the age of 21 can not consume alcohol in the studio.  Transportation can be arranged for anyone who requests it.  Painting with Friends, LC disclaims any and all liability for alcohol-related accidents or injuries arising out of its activities, or arising out of the activities of its clients. Therefore, in consideration of participating in the activities of Painting with Friends LLC, attendees do hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Painting with Friends LLC, its owner, and any guest speakers, instructors or artists for any loss, cost and expense incurred as the result of their conduct, whether on or off the premises.