Private Parties

If you have 10 friends, coworkers or family members, you can book a private party!

Just do these 3 things.
1.  Call Judy Nail at 662-299-3386 and choose a date, time, and theme.
2.  There are 4 ways to pay the $150 deposit: cash, Venmo or CashApp or use the link below to enter card number.  
3.  Complete the Private Party Agreement at the bottom of this page.
You will receive an email confirmation.

Venmo:  @Judy-Nail
CashApp:  $JudyNail

That’s it!! 

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Frequently Asked Questions
You can choose your own painting from our collection.
Maximum party size is 18-20 and minimum size is 10.
A two-hour adult party is $35 per person and a three-hour party is $45 per person.
Kids/Teen party prices depend on size of canvas and length of party.
Kids/Teen party: $30 each for a 11×14 canvas and $35 for 16×20. 
Add $10 per person for each additional hour.

We do not charge a rental fee.
Travel fee is $75 within 60 miles of Greenwood, $100 within 120 miles of Greenwood.

Cancellations:  Should you need to cancel an event, we require a 48-hour notice.  If this requirement is not met, the party will not be refunded the $150 deposit.

What do I do first?  First contact Judy Nail at 662-299-3386 to set the date and discuss payment options.  If you are paying the deposit in cash, skip the next item.

How do I pay?  There are 4 payment options.  Cash, Venmo, CashApp or to pay with your card, scroll up this page and click the “Deposit for Private Party” for $150 into your shopping basket then proceed to checkout to pay online.
          Venmo:   @Judy-Nail
          CashApp:   $JudyNail

Do I need to sign a contract?  Yes, please complete the Private Party Agreement form below.  You will receive an email confirmation.

How do I make the final payment for the number of attendees?  The remaining fees per person must be paid at the end of the event, based on the number of attendees.

                      For example:  You have a party with 10 attendees.  When you book the party, you paid a $150 deposit.  At the end of the party, if the rate is $35 per person for a total of $350, we will deduct the deposit of $150 and charge the party’s host the remaining $200.

Can everyone in the party pay individually?  No, to keep things simple, we require that the party have just one payment method.  All payments should be made to the host who in turn will pay Painting with Friends.

What does Painting with Friends provide?
We will provide the instructor, paint, brushes, canvas, easel and apron.
We will also provide a table for your drinks, cake and appetizers.
We do not provide cups, plates, forks, napkins, drinks, table cloths, or any other party amenity.

What can we paint?
New art is being added often.  Some samples are on the Photos page.  I can send you other options.
You may request a custom piece to fit your party.
Kids art also available.

Over 70 door hanger patterns are also available.  $35 each

Do you do fundraisers?
Yes, click here for Fundraiser information

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